Parts Advisor

The parts counter salesperson works at a pickup window to assist the service technicians and walk-in customers in purchasing parts and accessories.

As with all positions within dealerships, parts specialists/counterpersons are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Job Duties

Job duties for a parts counter salesperson include:

  • Tracking all incoming and outgoing parts for a dealership
  • Locating available parts when the dealership is out of stock
  • Handling parts payment collection and making sure all parts are billed correctly through the service department and collision repair shop
  • Packaging and shipping parts back to the manufacturer from time to time, and completing the appropriate record keeping
  • Referring to parts manuals (both hard copy and electronic format) to identify exactly the right part(s) for the make, model and year of vehicles being serviced

Job Requirements

  • Parts counter salesperson should have knowledge of inventory systems and vehicle systems such as brakes, suspension/steering, electrical, engines, fuel, systems, air conditioning/heating and engines
  • The ability to work well with the public and being able to balance multiple customers at a time is important
  • Exceptional organizational skills as well as a firm understanding of automotive components and their association with a vehicle are useful when working in the parts department
  • People working within the automotive retail industry often have to work extended hours, evenings and weekends to achieve their goals

Education Requirements

  • A high school diploma or the equivalent is required
  • A background in business and automotive classes is useful