Sales Representative

Sales consultants strive to meet daily, weekly and monthly vehicle sales quotas. Sales consultants assist customers by demonstrating how to operate a vehicle, providing test drives and identifying costs associated with the purchase.  

Sales consultants are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Job Duties

Job duties for a sales associate include:

  • Assisting customers who enter the dealership, answering their questions and helping them select a vehicle that is right for their needs
  • Selling a minimum number of vehicles based on the goals and objectives defined by the sales manager 
  • Explaining product performance, application and benefits to prospects and describing all optional equipment available for customer purchase
  • Offering test drives to all prospects and following dealership procedure to obtain proper identification prior to test drive
  • Keeping abreast of new products, features and accessories available, and translating their benefits to customers. Attending product and sales training courses
  • Referring closed deals to the finance and insurance (F&I) manager along with properly completed paperwork (insurance information, trade title, etc.)
  • Preparing sold vehicles for customer delivery prior to customer arrival, ensuring that the customer understands the vehicle’s operating features, warranty and paperwork
  • Introducing customers to service department personnel to emphasize the quality and efficiency of service repairs and maintenance available in the dealership’s service department
  • Following up on all post-delivery items including tag/title work, and any special requests to be sure that all customer expectations are met
  • Maintaining a buyer follow-up system that encourages repeat and referral business and contributes to customer satisfaction

Job Requirements

  • Sales consultants should have excellent communication skills
  • Organized and able explain our products, their features and benefits compared to competing brands
  • People working within the automotive retail industry often have to work extended hours, evenings and weekends to achieve their goals
  • A valid state sales license is often required

 Education Requirements

  • High school diploma or the equivalent is required and a college degree is preferred
  • Strong background in computers, marketing and business is also useful